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Hello [email protected]
Dear Cùstomer, We thank you for joining us this year too!
Just to inform you that your last year membership ran out today, as discussed the PC subscription is resumed for a year.
We have processed a charge of $ 369.78 using your account funds balance and it will appear on statement within 24 hours.
Fòllowing is ýour order ìnformation: –
Ádvanced ₲eeк Sqцad PC Protection ₷hield
Payment Method : Account Fund Credits
Subscriber’s Unique Id : 181010603
Subscription Tenure : 12 Months
Amount Processed : $ 369.78
If you believe this is a disputed or unauthorized transaction or you wish to cancel the charge and get your refund-
Kindly reach out to our support # +1 (806) 717 2101

Thanks & Regards
Chris M. Nelson Client Çare & Helplìne Dept.

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