iDARE – Getting in touch..

Hi there,

Wanted to see when you might be available this week.

I ask since I think I can help iDARE save $100s/year by switching to a leading, cost-effective business phone service, would there be a good direct line to reach you?

Here are some of the features included with our phone service:

✔️ Unlimited calling
✔️ SMS and text support
✔️ Voicemail to Email
✔️ Desktop and mobile apps
✔️ Tons of free extras

Open to switching phone services to save $100s/year like a number of other California companies?

Shoot me a reply with your best contact number. We’ll quickly call you with a few questions to get you on your way to easy cost savings.


James Newman
Phone Satisfaction Evangelist
Your Clear Choice in Communication.

If you no longer would like to receive emails, please respond “STOP.” [image: beacon]

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