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Dear Customer ,

Thank you for choosing Total Protection. This email is to notify you that your subscription has been activated.

Cðngratulations! you have successfully upgraded your Total Protection subscription.

As per the agreement, we have charged you an amount of $398.99 for one year. 

If you didn’t authorize the charge or if you don’t want to continue this service.

Kindly reach us immediately at +1 858- 766- 4132. Tax Invoice

»Product – Tõtal Secure Protection
»Devices – 05
»Amount – $398.99

This deduction will be reflected in 2-3 business days in your bank statements.

Your order/reference no – (9473316 Total Protection)

If you have any queries regarding this order kindly reach to our support team at this +1 858- 766- 4132.

Thanking you Total Protection

NoteThis is a system generated mail. Please do not reply to this mail ID. (1)Call our 24-hr customer care.

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